School Discipline

Discipline/code of conduct
Our Expectations From Parents and Guardians
  • Parents are requested to read the contents of the school Almanac carefully and in the interest of the child abide by the rules & regulations laid down by the school.
  • Parents should have the I-cards/Parent’s card when they come to pick their children up in the afternoon.
  • Any urgent message may be communicated at the school reception telephonically. Phone calls from parents for any teacher or student during the school hours will not be entertained.
  • Parents are requested to sign the reports, test papers, teacher’s remarks in the notebooks/school almanac so that they are abreast with the progress of their child. They are also requested to visit the teachers whenever called or on PTMs and orientation programmes.
  • Please do not send your child to school if he/she is feeling unwell. A proper application or Medical Leave must be submitted in writing by the parents.
  • Apart from the training given by the school, students are expected to devote some time regularly at home. Supervision of the same should be arranged.
  • Parents are expected to go through the school calendar carefully and make a note of important dates and events, especially parent-teacher meetings, tests and examinations. We expect the parents to come in large numbers and meet the concerned teachers to discuss not only the academic progress but also other areas of personality development like attitude, aptitude, confidence building etc.
  • Wearing of fancy shoes, jewellery, unruly hair and fancy haircuts like mushroom cut etc., streaking/highlighting of hair by fashion hair colours is not permitted.
  • Parents/Guardians are not permitted to enter class rooms to meet their children or to seek unscheduled interviews with teachers during school hours. Prior appointment for meeting the staff must necessarily be taken through green appointment cards given at the back of the almanac.
  • In case of emergency, parents/guardians must meet the Principal/ Headmistress and adopt a course of action in consultation with them.
  • No Strangers Are Allowed To Meet Children.
Discipline is the law of nature. Without it, nothing works. Inculcating discipline amongst children is the most significant aspect of education and is not confined to school alone. Parents, too, must co-operate with the school in observing these norms:
  • Attendance is compulsory for celebration of National Days.
  • Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence from school, habitual late coming, leaving the school premises without permission, disobedience and any type of unruly and objectionable behavior are considered to be grave acts of indiscipline on the part of a student which can lead to his/her expulsion from the school.
  • The school uniform, only in prescribed school colour, should be immaculate, clean and smart, and should be worn on all working days and functions. Actions will be taken against students who are habitually improperly dressed.
  • Students on their way to and from the school are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Being on the road in any mode of transport entails caution, care and attention to safety rules.
  • Students who expect to reach home late after the school due to personal reasons must inform their parents/ guardians in advance.
  • The school is not to be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings. It is not advisable for students to bring valuables to the school.
  • In order to acquire competency in spoken English, all students must converse in English while they are in school. Students are not permitted to carry cellular phones and pagers to the school.
  • Bunking classes or school is strictly prohibited.